Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A little Bit of Alizarin Crimson

My art teacher in high school had one bit of advice for every painting in class.
"Just a little bit of alizarin crimson!" with a flourish as she would proceed to improve your painting in her own style. Admittedly it was an improvement and would really make the colors pop.

For me this new blog is to upturn stones to unearth pale scurryings and wigglings of words which I am shy to express on my other blog.  Wordflexings and unleashings, wanderings and reachings, scrapings of diatomaceous brain plaques, and discovery. As with the alizarin crimson I would like to highlight and excite  the words that drift through my head and bring forth something new.
I weary of my same everyday thought patterns and need to embark on new a exercise of my post fifty mind. Welcome.!...!


  1. Diotomaceeous brain plaques and wigglings. Has your head become a compost heap? Hey, maybe that is a good thing now that I ponder it.
    Lots of fermentation, disintegration and rebirth! xox Corrine

  2. I think it's marvelous to mix things up, to go dumpster diving and see what you can find, stuck to the bottom like starfish in a tidal pool. Hurray!

  3. Let it flow!!!

    Crazy is doing what you don't want to do and believe....


add your bit of alizarin crimson